Signage: Indoor & Outdoor

Our skilled team use proven methods and the best materials to ensure your sign does exactly what you need it to in a cost-effective yet consistently impressive way.
BMG Branding is able to produce signage and deliver across a broad range of sectors throughout South Africa and includes:-
• Paint & powder coating
• Large-scale moulding
• Digital graphics
• 3D routing facilities
• Timber construction
• Acrylic fabrication

Our manufacturing technology and techniques mean we are able to offer a wide range of signage types including:-
• Built up letters (metal and/or acrylic, Illuminated or not)
• Flex face signs
• Moulded letters and logos
• Fascia signs
• Timber based product inclusive of post and building signs
• LED-based signage
• Neon-based signage

We have all the required skill sets and equipment required to ensure the successful completion of any type of sign whether it be a simple wall plaque or built up letters high on a building elevation.
We offer a maintenance service which covers all aspects of signage upkeep which might involve a simple annual clean and/or re-illumination where necessary.


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